Script written by me.


At one point you had to sail across three oceans, solve a series of riddles, and slay a dragon, but today you can find the love of your life by swiping right. The way you make connections has changed the world.

As advertisers, you know great customer experiences start with making advertising a great experience. But “experience” is
more than just a buzzword. What’s really at the heart of the experience is connection. This is especially true in the digital world.

It’s a connection within your advertising strategy, creating cohesive campaigns.

It’s a connection among your marketing, advertising, and analytics, transforming them into lasting impressions.

It’s an internal connection between creative and media teams, maneuvering seamlessly across platforms.

It’s a technical connection to your planning and buying decisions, optimizing reach and frequency.

It’s an emotional connection to your audience, understanding them as more than data points.

In a digital world, it’s how advertising should be, and it’s how you make experiences: with a connection.

All ad experiences. All connected.