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  • Forklift Safety Day

    Hyster Forklift Safety Day Ask: Promote National Forklift Safety Day. Insight: Use Twitter and LinkedIn to reach forklift drivers. Main Idea: Countdown with safety tips. Graphics by Cara Toebbe

  • Blue Tar Heel Feet

    Blue Tar Heel Feet Ask: Get blue heels painted on roads leading into Chapel Hill’s campus. Insight: During this devisive political climate, let’s give students, alumni, and fans something they can all rally behind . Main Idea: Home Is Where the Heels Are.

  • Kure Beach

    Kure Beach, NC Ask: Promote special interests at Kure Beach. Insight: KB sparks nostalgia in visitors old and new. Main Idea: Something, Un-something else.

  • Chip & Dip

    Chip & Dip Ask: Bring in new biz. Insight: Get attention of a prospective client via Twitter. Main Idea: Take on the persona of a potato chip. Worked with Cara Toebbe and MaryClaire Dawson

  • Poetry

    Poetry Manic Pixie Dream Girl published on Sad Girls Club Lit literary blog in September 2020. Received honors on 2019–2020 senior thesis, Flood, advised by Alan Shapiro. Attended a week-long workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts led by Vievee Francis in August 2019. Completed a chapbook January–May 2019 titled One Is Too Many for…

  • Glucerna

    Glucerna Ask: Increase sales of Glucerna shakes. Insight: Glucerna shakes improve your quality of life. Main Idea: Your future self will thank you.

  • Tom’s

    Tom’s of Maine Ask: Increase sales of Tom’s. Insight: People don’t think anything’s wrong with what they currently use. Main Idea: Make natural, normal.

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